Full Name

Christopher Diewald

Hair Color





"Romeo oh Romeo, why are you at my window?"

Voice Actor

Christopher Diewald

First Appearance

Movie Makers


How awesome he thinks he is.


Roman Catholic

Christopher Diewald (aka Diwi) has appeared a number of occasions in the series.


He voiced the 'stupid' cop Frank in 25ft under the seat, the pilot in Zanta Claws II and the father in Zanta Claws III. He also entered the Eddsworld competition with a live-action music video of himself lip-syncing the ending credits of Spares, which ended up being in 10th place. Edd even remarked that even though he didn't win, his music video was still cool.


He had a short appearance in Movie Makers, where he is auditioning for a role in the film, however, ends up getting shot down by Shoe and cries like a girl while running out of the room. He also appeared as himself in a cameo in 25ft on the television with his brother at the start. he made a appearance on a poster in The Snogre.Later after one episode [Fun Dead] Diwi has a cameo in PowerEdd as a child in Edd's Flashback.

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